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EnvirGen, Inc. is dedicated to translate nature’s healing power into new and unique nutraceutical and cosmaceutical products that can provide safe and effective health benefits for people.  



Our strength is in the use of excellent science to discover natural resources and create proprietary formulation that can meet the needs of high quality nutraceutical products in the market.     



We are committed to discover natural healthy ingredients, to create unique formulation, and to prove the safety and efficacy of our products by using excellent scientific methods.  

Our strength in science allows for providing high standard natural health solution for people who want an easy access, safe, effective natural remedies. We are continuously exploring abundant health resources in nature and aiming to become the world’s leading company who brings nature’s health benefits to people’s hands for quality life. 

Research & Developments

Gastrointestinal Health – anti-viral natural compound research


Harmful enteric virus is the major the major cause of the nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach characteristic of foodborne illness throughout the world. EnvirGen’s R&D for gastrointestinal health focuses on developing innovative formula to help control the harmful enteric virus and bacteria. Our R&D employs extensive molecular biological methods to establish biological screening systems that allow us to monitor effects of candidate compounds on harmful microbes. One exciting recent success demonstrated that certain natural herb extracts inhibit replication of norovirus. We have also tested a wide range of other candidate compounds against norovirus and other harmful enteric virus for ultimate application within nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Our R&D progress ensures additional safe and effective remedies for gastrointestinal distress. 


Cardiovascular Health – Search for natural compounds to control cholesterol level


Lowering LDL (so called bad cholesterol) and raising HDL (good cholesterol) is one of the hottest subjects for anyone concerned with heart health. Many natural products are currently available, but their effectiveness in controlling LDL/HDL levels is still debatable. ; hence the obvious need for a new natural product with high efficacy. Our R&D scientists have recently formulated natural multi-ingredients from healthy foods. Our formulation comprises of all-natural compounds, the efficacy of each already proven scientifically and confirmed by years of traditional use /clinical trials. Harnessing each ingredient’s multiple biological activity is the key to lowering LDL/raising HDL effectively. Our innovation in targeting multiple cholesterol metabolism pathways yields maximal effectiveness with safety. ces you provide.

Circulatory Health –Search for therapeutic agents to combat atherosclerosis


In our search for compounds to control cholesterol levels, our R&D scientists discovered a natural compound that can dissolve cholesterol plaque in blood vessels. Our in-vitro experiments and animal study demonstrate that our compound has a significant effect of removing cholesterol plaque from clogged arteries, indicating a promising future as a therapeutic agent for atherosclerosis and related health problems. Toward this end, we currently seek a partnering company to develop this natural compound for nutraceutical as well as pharmaceutical applications.





Natural remedy for stomach flu and traveler’s diarrhea:
* Help to reduce symptoms of stomach flu and traveler’s diarrhea by
     - Anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects;
     - Enhancement of immune system.

  • * Proven to reduce the replication of norovirus, a major cause of stomach flu and traveler’s diarrhea in human cells. 

Why choose EZTravel™?

• EZTravel™ is developed by a renown virologist. The inventor of EZTravel receives $5.1 million grant from National Institutes of Health for norovirus research.

• EZTravel™ proprietary ingredients are proven to reduce the replication of norovirus, a major cause of stomach flu and traveler’s Diarrhea in human cells.

• EZTravel™ helps to reduce symptoms of stomach flu and
traveler’s diarrhea by :
- Anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects
- Enhancement of immune system

• EZTravel’s proprietary ingredients shows efficacy and safety in stomach care (gastroenteritis) through long history of clinical usages and clinical studies.

• EZTravel is manufactured in FDA registered facility. 

 Where is EZTravel™ needed?
- Airplanes
- Cruise Ships
- Amusement Parks
- Schools
- Nursing homes
- Restaurants
- Exotic foreign destinations

Who needs EZTravel™ ?:
Anyone who needs natural and safe protection from foods, water, and beverages that can cause stomach flu and traveler’s diarrhea. 

Directions for use:
As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule two times daily with foods. 

Use only as directed. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your healthcare provider before use if you are taking any prescription medications. Keep out of reach of children. 

STOMACH FLU (Norovirus infection) INFORMATION

What is stomach flu?

Viral gastroenteritis, also called Stomach flu, is an inflammation of stomach and intestines. Main symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Symptoms begin 1-2 days after infection and may last up to 10 days. People get stomach flu by ingesting contaminated foods or beverages. Contagion results from contact or from sharing utensils, foods, or beverages.

What is the major cause of stomach flu?

Noroviruses are the main cause of nonbacterial gastroenteritis (stomach flu). It is not caused by the influenza virus (cold /flu virus). It is the second most frequent cause of illness behind only the common cold. There are as many as 23 million cases of gastroenteritis in the United States each year (Center for Disease Control report). Studies estimates that noroviruses account for more than 90% of nonbacterial gastroenteritis outbreaks. Also, noroviruses cause the majority of traveler’s diarrhea cases.

Where does norovirus outbreaks (stomach flu) commonly occur?

Noroviruses are the major cause of food borne and water borne stomach flu on cruise ships, in schools and nursing homes, at vacation sites, and in military camps deployed overseas.

Is there a cure for stomach flu?

There is no cure for stomach flu. Once you have stomach flu or traveler’s diarrhea, rest and rehydration (drinking water) is the most common treatment until you feel better.

Is there any prevention stomach flu?

To reduce the risk for stomach flu, good personal hygiene is the most common methods (e.g. washing hands thoroughly before eating and after using the bathroom).

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*Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Bring it with you!

 We brought EZTravel with us for our annual youth missionary trip to San Telmo, Baja California, Mexico from August 5 to August 13, 2009. I thank EZTravel for preventing my group from getting stomach troubles this year. I had 11 youths (ages 11 to 16) and 11 adults in my group. We all were worried about getting stomach troubles before we left, because every year, with no exceptions, a group of people suffer from stomach aches and  vomiting during the mission, but we could not do much about it, except practicing personal hygiene and so forth to minimize the incidence.  But, not this year!  We were introduced to EZTravel, and the scientific background of how EZTravel was developed convinced us to try it on this trip. We took two pills a day regularly for the entire trip.  As a result, amazingly and gratefully, no one in my group suffered or complained of stomach troubles at all this year! There are other groups who did not know about EZTravel.  The incidence of stomach aches, vomiting, and diarrhea among the other groups was just as high as in previous years.

I am amazed by the efficacy of EZTravel. We will absolutely bring more EZTravel with us for the next missionary trip!

"Youth Director" Church of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois 

My little miracle in a bottle!

I call EZTravel "my little miracle in a bottle" because it keeps me from getting nausea when traveling. I have tried other remedies but none work half as well as this one does. With other medicines, I have had bad side effects including dry mouth and bad after taste. But with this medicine, I have had no ill side effects. It works effectively every time. I don't leave home without it. This stuff is permanently packed in my suitcase! You won't really appreciate this product until the first time that you forget to take it with you. That is what made a firm believer out of me. I normally take it before boarding aircrafts, but one time I had forgotten it at the office and I flew without it. Boy was that a big mistake! I will never do that again. Now I make sure to have EZTravel with me everywhere I am. I keep it at home, in my purse, in my car, in my suitcase, and at the office. Thanks EZTravel, you have made it much more "stress and worry free" for me when I travel, and I travel a lot!

Not Sick Anymore Traveler
Kim Santarelli

My best travel companion from now on!

Participating regularly in international conferences is an important part of my job. Experiencing foreign cultures is always exciting and fun, but each time I make a trip, I have to worry about getting traveler's diarrhea. I once had diarrhea in a foreign country so bad that it made me want to stop all overseas travelling in the future. I had tried all kinds of medicine to prevent diarrhea beofore, but none really worked. Last summer, I visited a city in Europe, which was known for bad water quality. I was introduced to EZTravel this time, and what a difference it made! EZTravel helped my stay in the city for a week to be one of the most unforgettable international trips. I experienced no discomfort or side effects. EZTravel did its job, and I could successfully finish mine! It'll be my best travel companion from now on.

Dr. Y. Song
"Professor, Business & Economics Library "
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Champaign, IL, U.S.A.

Highly recommend!

 As an otolaryngologist, I have listened to many patients complained of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea during flights and boat trips. In many cases, the problem was not vertigo, balance disorder, or motion sickness. It was what they ate or drank while traveling. I am not an exception, either. I worry about stomach trouble every trip I take for business and personal reasons. The OTC medicine provides only temporary relief, and often causes drowsiness, dizziness, and stomach irritation. Both personally and professionally, I have sought safe and effective solutions for stomach trouble. I am convinced that EZTravel is the best nutraceutical product available. EZTravel is formulated with natural herbal ingredients traditionally used to ease stomach trouble without side effects. Scientific study also demonstrates substantial inhibition of the stomach flu virus (the number one cause of stomach flu). I highly recommend EZTravel.

Dr. Chan Park,
"Otolaryngologist, M.D."

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